Published On: Sat, Apr 10th, 2021
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Star Wars reboot: Rey Skywalker to ‘give birth to new Jedi with Ben Solo’ | Films | Entertainment

Explaining how this will happen, Zeroh said: “He is different as he is the son of Rey Skywalker. He is going to be born the same way Anakin [Skywalker] was, in a different light.

“Favreau is creating a canon piece in Star Wars that both Ben Solo’s spirit and Rey are now one and that she will give birth to Cade through the Force – very similar to what Shmi Skywalker did with Anakin.”

Cade Skywalker was a huge part of the Star Wars comic books from 2006 onwards before Disney rebooted the deeper extended universe storylines.

Originally, Cade was the son of Kol Skywalker, a descendant of Luke (Mark Hamill)

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